oh noooooooooo

  • Me irl having an idea for a side project

Austin traffic is really getting out of hand


I hate it when people take phone calls on the train


“I should listen to music”

puts on sunglasses

“today sure is going poorly”

And now for my favorite part of any project: creating an app icon so hideous it forces the designer to work on a new one.

Just read this “The movies are a sequel” nonsense and hey, look at that, now I’m angrier.

So irrationally angry about this Dark Tower trailer

I legitimately don’t understand why Kendrick was OK with Kid Capri’s nonsense shout-outs on DAMN. Feels completely out of place.

This hardly feels like the time for puns, YMCA


🎶 Because inheritance exposes a subclass to details of its parent’s implementation, it’s often said that ‘inheritance breaks encapsulation’ 🎶


Well that’s not good


This is good


I’m taking some time away from Twitter, so if you need to get in touch this probably isn’t the best way.

Today I totally biffed it trying to math and as a consequence lifted 1,400 pounds more than I intended

stay in school kids

I got a mosquito bite on my shoulder

Literally Icarus

So glad this brutal winter is finally over so I can go back to walking my dog in tank tops like god intended


ok let’s back up and go over how candles work real quick


In case you haven’t been watching them I went ahead and ranked all of the DC superhero shows on the CW


hour 18 of installing qt

there is no more gordon

only clang_64/lib/QtGui.framework/Versions/5/Headers/QMatrix3x4 remains

there seems to be some confusion about where we are having dinner




on the bright side I can now get to the Facebook SDK any time I need to via iCloud Drive

aw yeah who’s got two thumbs and isn’t a wanted felon

i mean yes a lot of people but also me

oh yeah this won’t be painful at all


…really tho