wtf does this star mean in apple music


anyway I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kinda looking forward to adding “Wanted Fugitive” to my twitter bio

so that warrant notice gave me 10 days from the postmark. I got it on day 2. Closed over weekend. Person I need to talk to is out till day 8

how’s your night going




It’s fun reading about the changes in ES6 without any real Javascript knowledge because I’m constantly horrified at how things used to work.

day 2 of javascript development status: furiously trying to come up with a joke about JSON parsing

I wish you could use the iOS Simulator in macOS split screen. I’d love to split a full screen between terminal/simulator

i feel sick


I also noticed that he said “in his wing he’s confined” when they performed this song on SNL. That might have stung worse.

this line stings every time I hear it


A few weeks ago @calebthompson put this on my desk and it’s basically the meanest thing anyone has ever done to me

0.jpg 1.jpg

Dave Chapelle lookin swole af



Oh thank god I so needed this today


> Trump election spurs record Obamacare sign ups this month

… wut

oh yeah i can see why that might not compile


If I can spend money on shit like Netflix and stupid domain names I can spend money on shit that actually matters.


I think this promising

Liberal White People: we all need to go home for thanksgiving and have some really fucking uncomfortable conversations with our families.

I feel completely shell-shocked this morning. I’m so fucking dissapointed. I’m so fucking embarrassed.